The return of the April:
what will tell to us?

It’s not an April fool’s, we have a new blog post. The winter hibernation period is finally over so we felt like sharing some words with you. Yes, April is a month of nature’s awakening and flowers blossoming but we, at the April studio, prefer to see the revolutionary side of it. 

But, let’s stop for a second and teleport back in time. According to historians, April takes its name from the Latin word aperire, meaning “to open”. So, that’s a secret meaning of our name – to stay “open”  for new ideas and concepts that will change people’s behaviors and drive business results.

No season stands so much for positive change like spring. If we take a stroll down the memory lane, we will discover the April’s revolutionary character. One Google search is enough to find out what we are talking about: from ancient times until now, the history is full of spring uprisings. Our uprising is the creative one – we strongly believe that the only way to inspire change is through the power of big ideas.

Boldness: the fuel of creativity

What does the boldness mean in today’s world? Boldness is a stepping stone to growth. Being bold means accepting change and adapting accordingly. The impact of brave thinking extends well beyond the borders of individual businesses or industries. The willingness to challenge the status quo and bring new ideas to life is in studio April’s DNA. We strongly believe that boldness and creativity are match-made in heaven, key ingredients to our client’s success.

Brand creators, not only brand enhancers

As brand creators, we are a team of strategists and designers that help brands achieve a bigger impact through thoughtful strategy, design, and new technology. One example of our bold approach to creative process is the redesign of Koozmetik natural skincare brand. The strategic and creative analyses led us to design concept carefully devised and crafted around the letter element that was previously used as an associative product descriptor. 

Albeit a bit subdued, it appeared as a quite interesting and original detail on the packaging, so we decided to give it a more prominent place and role. Enlarging it to become a striking and recognizable brand device, we achieved the new Koozmetik’s branding that feels fresh and artistic, just like the products it represents.

Brief is the seed

When it comes to the creative process in our design and strategy studio – it all comes down to a creative brief. It’s a seed from which every project grows. It’s always there to refer back to, ensuring everyone is on the right track. When it is well-written, a brief ensures that the final product meets the client’s expectations and achieves the project’s objectives. A brief can include high level details like company history, project goals, target audience, brand positioning, creative requirements, key messaging and assets, deliverables and expectations. Experience has shown us that the best seeds (a.k.a briefs) are the ones that hit the sweet spot between providing enough information to blossom the creativity and overwhelming with too much information about it. So if you felt inspired by this article, send us your brief and let’s do something revolutionary together!

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