Visual Identity and Title Design

for new TV Series

The story follows the turbulent lives of a group of friends, four thirty-year-olds in contemporary Belgrade, Serbia.
As they are reflecting on their fears and desires, personal misconceptions and the generational and societal challenges, each episode presents the 24 hours cycle – beginning in the morning, and ending in the morning of the next day.
Inspired by the very title and storyline, the visual identity reflects on the ever-present interplay of morning highlights and the darkest shades in the game of searching for one’s own identity and place. The things the heroes want to bring to the light of a new day, things they want to leave behind or hide in deep morning shadows, always threatened to be easily disclosed, create an atmosphere of floating anxiety.
Apart from an accurate disclosure of the meaning, the technical challenge was a particular typographic treatment applied on a robust and very demanding Cyrillic letter. 

Services: Visual Identity, Title Design, Typo, Branding

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