45th FEST

Visual Identity and Tagline

for International Film Festival

Envisioned as the annual review of the best films of the season, the Belgrade International Film Festival – FEST – evolved to become one of pillar events of Belgrade’s cultural life and an indispensable element in the coming of age of many generations of film fans.Although plane and pure in its form, our slogan (“OPEN YOUR EYES”) induces fundamentally multilayered and provocative sub context, undoubtedly resonating with the old school art direction stemming from the pioneering 1960s, thus symbolically emphasizing not only the grandeur and timeless significance of the FEST, but also the good old thrill of the collective movie visits. Technological growth, accelerated exchange of information and data availability, omnipresent ever-growing communicational entropy inversely and proportionally results in radical deterioration of direct interpersonal contact, unmediated, immediate gaining of the new experiences, participation in social and cultural life, etc.Instead of directly partaking in life, people have a growing tendency to either just passively watch it utterly alone and lonely through their multiple screen sets, from their chairs, consumed in their own businesses and routines, or to even miss it out completely. By its diversity and content innovativeness FEST gives his viewers a chance to gain actual, unrefined experiences, cognitive insights and excitement, inducing them to reevaluate their knowledge, attitudes or opinions on a wide range of important social and cultural subjects.

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Без обзира да ли је твој пројекат велики или мали, једноставан или захтеван, позови нас да разговарамо и заједно откријемо како Април може да ти помогне да твој посао постане још већи.