Fine Natural Cosmetics



Identity Redesign,

Packaging Redesign

Portfolio 1

Believing that true beauty is in simplicity, a fine natural skincare brand Koozmetik is known for its picky selection of ingredients, an essential product range, and minimalism in design.


Preparing to expand on EU markets, the brand needed a redesign that would strengthen its premium and sophisticated qualities, while achieving perceptual continuity with its previous design, and unisex look and feel. At the same time we had to consolidate the entire visual system to ensure strong consistency across the range.  


The first step in our approach was to redefine the portfolio architecture as the baseline for a seamless customer experience and navigation through product lines and categories when shopping online and offline.


Next, since each of the key product and brand information was positioned on a separate side of a package – making the product placements on shelves and purchase experience rather complex, it was necessary to redefine the informational architecture on the packaging itself. 


Finally, this strategic and creative analysis led us to design concept carefully devised and crafted around the letter element, previously used as an associative product descriptor. Albeit a bit subdued, it appeared as a quite interesting and original detail on the packaging, so we decided to give it a more prominent place and role. Enlarging it to become a striking and  recognizable brand device, we achieved the new Koozmetik’s branding feels fresh and artistic, just like the products it represents. 

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ERP Software Solutions


Naming, Strategy,

Logo Design, Branding,

Web Design, UI, UX

New brand strategy, identity, naming, web design and story for ERP software solutions that were made to work for working people as much they’re meant to work for a business/company that relies on them. BEEZ – Busy made easy.


Beez website is listed on the top 10 corporate website designs.

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Automated Delivery Operations



Logo Design, Identity,


B2B Brand Visual identity system. Bitebell helps restaurants to automate processing of orders from third party delivery platforms (Wolt, Glovo, etc) and the fulfilment of orders from their own direct channels.

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Flexible Offices and Coworking Spaces



Logo Design, Identity,

Branding, Web Design,


Portfolio 28

Playful and warm identity and web design that we created for Desk & More, new flexible offices and coworking spaces located in Belgrade. Places that help freelancers, start-ups and small-size companies to reach their full potential.

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Visual Identity and Title Design

for new TV Series



Visual Identity, Title Design,

Typo, Branding

The story follows the turbulent lives of a group of friends, four thirty-year-olds in contemporary Belgrade, Serbia.
As they are reflecting on their fears and desires, personal misconceptions and the generational and societal challenges, each episode presents the 24 hours cycle – beginning in the morning, and ending in the morning of the next day.
Inspired by the very title and storyline, the visual identity reflects on the ever-present interplay of morning highlights and the darkest shades in the game of searching for one’s own identity and place. The things the heroes want to bring to the light of a new day, things they want to leave behind or hide in deep morning shadows, always threatened to be easily disclosed, create an atmosphere of floating anxiety.
Apart from an accurate disclosure of the meaning, the technical challenge was a particular typographic treatment applied on a robust and very demanding Cyrillic letter. 
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Brand Development Concept



Brand Development, 

Visual Identity, Packaging,

Packaging Concept,

Logo Design

Portfolio 43

Kein x Kein is a creative brand development concept born from a thoughtful exploration of clean, basic forms. In order to emphasize simplicity, sophisticated taste, and purity of the brand, we decided to experiment and challenge the established identity standards in fashion industry design.


The result is a somewhat “raw”, garage look: Simple, effective logo and packaging were designed to match a fashion apparel brand’s elegance and powerful business statement.

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Interior Art and Design



Concept, Art Direction,

Print, Copywriting

Poster design series for the Unlocked Interior, whimsical and fierce interior design studio based in Prague.
Client brief was to break the rules of the interior design poster ads.
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