Colections of logos, logotypes, symbols and icons that have bean developed for various clients and industries in past couple of years.

SERVICES: Logo, Identity, Design, Brand Strategy, Branding

SAV TAJ GLUMAC is a newly established Serbian casting agency working with both established actors and new talents.

Our role was to develop the visual identity and interactive web site.


Visual identity for a newly established tourist agency in Belgrade that we named Think&Travel, as it stands for real advice, real prices and real experiences.


IN Old shoes is a cozy hostel located in Belgrade known for its friendly atmosphere. The visual identity and website we created is meant to bring this atmosphere to life.


The new sea-inspired visual identity for Palazzo Radomiri, an 18th century baroque palace in Kotor, Montenegro, converted into a small boutique hotel and sea retreat.


Logo proposal created for the HIMALAYAS ART MUSEUM, as a part of the international design competition.

Visual identity & web site for Digital Archipelago, a start-up focusing on the digitalization of Indonesian Literature through production and distribution of audio books in local languages.


Visual identity proposal for POINT bakery & café, a chain of coffeehouses offering a variety of pastries, deserts and coffee beverages.

Visial identity for a small privately held kindergarten in Slovenia.

Visual identity for a private Obstetrics and Gynecology clinic in Serbia.

Identity system created as a proactive project for a MUSEUM OF AFRICAN ART. It's up for adoption by any African art museum in the world willing to apply it.

Logo proposal for Dragan Mrdja, an independent shoe designer based in LA. The frog was mandatory element and appears as designer's personal symbol.

Visual identity (and packaging) for family owned Matalj Winery, created to capture fine interplay between heritage and the strength of innovation and new technologies.

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