FEST 2017 poster1


Interior Design & Home Products Company

Services: Web Design, Website Development, UI, UX, CMS, SEO, E-Commerce, Branding, Logo Design

Aiming to make a clear departure from communication conventions within the category of interior design services - where both local and global competitors appear mainly as businesses of enhancing physical spaces, DH company shines a spotlight on the art of (re)creating personal places.
To create authentic and highly differentiating image and brand narrative, we went back to the basics of the interior design artistry - humans, emotions and details that lead this ultimate game of personalization and artistic pursuits.
The naming of Unlocked agency, and design of logos and web presentations of three freestanding interior design services offered within the company were all envisioned and conceptualized as entries to specific worlds of artistic discovery, open for both professionals and private customers.
Dreamhouse 1
FEST 2017 poster1
FEST 2017 poster1 FEST 2017 poster1 FEST 2017 poster1
FEST 2017 poster1 FEST 2017 poster1

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